LINK European Automotive Technology

LEAT GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2010 in Limburg/Lahn and has started its testing operation mid 2011. Despite our young age, our company can bring decades of experience in the area of automotive and brake systems as well as brake system tests.

The know-how that our company is based on is introduced by the staff through the long-term commitment with internationally operating companies in the area of brake systems technology, as well as the equipment used at our location. All used Dynos originate from Link Engineering Company in the US who have more than 80 years experience in the brake dyno area. Through direct contact we can guarantee that the dynos are always kept up to date with the newest technology, so we can ensure our customers a steady quality of Testing. You can view all the specific test bench data on the following summary page.

As a customer you will benefit from our experience and there are a number of air-conditioned Inertia Test Stands as well as compressibility machines and friction tester available.


Our Testing portfolio includes common test standards and test specifications from the automotive industry, for e.g.:

  • NVH noise, vibration, harshness tests (SAE J2521, etc.)

  • Performance testing (SAE J2522 aka AK-Master, etc.)

  • Wear tests (SAE J2707 aka Block wear test, etc.)

  • Test track simulations (Mojacar, LACT, Nürburgring, etc.)

  • Country-specific/legal testing specifications (ISO, FMVSS, JIS, ECE, etc.)

  • Numerous further features of the area OEM, Aftermarket, brake and pad manufacturers

  • Customer specific program operations for e.g. driving test data, (Salt) water/dust deposition, DTV and BTV investigation, parking brakes inspection, etc.

  • Run in service for motor racing, a.o.

  • Special study of physical phenomena during braking, for e.g. component acceleration


The available compressibility machine at the location is able to cover testing programs SAE J2468, ISO 6310 and similar specifications.

Thanks to the flexible dyno programming we are able to implement and simulate customer specific requirements and program concepts. This includes obtained driving profiles from the test driving, in-house specific program operations or pressure tests requested by your customers.

Our services do not only include preparation, execution and evaluation of your dyno tests. We are also able to assist you with the design and build of the needed test bench construction. Depending on requirements this may be build in the following versions: Steering knuckle build, Universal build, Semi-axis build or full-axis build. Should you have any further questions or requests, please contact one of our employee using the following contact form.